STE(A)M Night


Come join the fun at our first STE(A)M night celebrating Science+Technology+Engineering+Arts+Math!

These are some of the ideas currently in the works

  • A speaker from the Amateur Astronomers Association will give a presentation in the auditorium
  • TELESCOPES will be set up outside to view the night sky
  • Our SCIENCE room will feature some activities created by our upper grade science teacher Ms. Porto
  • Our TECH room will feature a demonstration of the school's 3D Printers
  • Our ENGINEERING room will have some creative building activities
  • Our ART room will have great NIGHT-themed activities designed by our art teacher Mr. Rund
  • Our MATH room will feature a challenge using geometry and Sphere robots 

Get your tickets here:

PS 316 auditorium, classrooms & Stroud park
Friday, March 3, 2023 5:30pm

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