P.S. 316: The Elijah G. Stroud Elementary School

750 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238




 Meeting Minutes:

PTA December 2020 Zoom General Meeting Minutes



  • Meeting Agenda:Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 7pm 
    • Call to Order - 7:10pm
    • Approval of Minutes - 5 min.
      • MOTION: Approve November general meeting minutes. Motion to approve made by Monique Nieves, seconded by Kelly Titus. Motion passes.
    • Treasurer’s Report, Susan Gabbay & Ania Kozlowska - 5 min.
      • MOTION: Approve November treasurer’s report. Motion to approve made by Kelly Titus, seconded by Monique Nieves. Motion passes.
    • Principal’s Report - 30 min.
      • Update and Q&A with Principal Maluf. Weekes attended the meeting and gave the update.
        • Two students and one staff member tested positive for COVID, so the school will be closed for 14 days and will reopen on January 4.
        • The DOE purchased air filters for each classroom and they began installing them last week.
        • iPads from the DOE have been delivered to the school and are available to be distributed. Since the school building is closed now, a plan will need to be made for how parents can pick up the iPads.
    • President’s Report - Monique Nieves & Amber Parker - 30 min.
      • Book fair profit - $328!
      • The school building is closed until after the winter break.
      • COVID testing - Info on testing sites was given and parents were encouraged to get tested and have their children tested before returning to school on January 4.
      • Virtual Open House tour dates - Parents were encouraged to spread the word about the upcoming tours to friends, day cares, churches, etc.
        • December 22, 10:30am
        • December 30, 6pm
        • January 10, 4pm
        • January 14, 6pm
      • Lunch Forms - Parents were reminded to fill out lunch forms and of the impact the forms have on our Title I status.
    • SLT Update - Monique Nieves & Amber Parker - 10 min.
      • No update at this time.


    • PAC Update - Maura Lout - 5 min.
      • The PAC chair and alternate have been working to distribute a community survey to identify community interests. The survey was based on the one circulated last year, with some slight amendments. Those include: a switch to all virtual formats; the addition of computer literacy; and adjustments that ensure priority to middle school preparation workshops open to prospective families for middle school preparedness and important general information about making the transition to middle school.

      • The survey will be sent shortly via the PS 316 PTA mailing list. Once the results are collected, the PAC chair and alternate will work with leadership at PS 316 to identify vendors for workshops that meet the interests of the parent community.

      • Additionally, the PAC chair and the alternate will be participating in important meetings related to Title One Funds/District 17. This includes the District PAC on December 16th and the District 17 PAC Training on December 22nd.


    • Adjournment - 7:48pm - Motion to adjourn made by Amber Parker, seconded by Jasmine Hagler. Meeting adjourned at 7:48




Treasurer’s Report for the Month of December 2020


PS 316 PTA Checking Account


The previous balance of the PTA checking account in TD Bank as of November 30, 2020 was $22,234.83.


Activities to Report: 

  • December 2, 2020       Check #421 Skate Fest & Election Day               -381.79
  • December 3 , 2020      Check #418 Time Clickers Inc.                      -3,889.20
  • December 18 , 2020    Check #420 IB reimbursement                         -100.00
  • December , 2020         Deposit: Paypal (PTA Dues + Donation)                      0
  • December , 2020         Deposit: Square Inc (Election Fundraiser)                        0
  • December 31, 2020     Bank Maintenance Fee                                        -10.00
  • December 31, 2020     Paper Statement Fee                                             -3.00                            


The closing balance for the month of December 31, 2020 was  $17,850.84


PS 316 Scholastic Account


The current balance of the Scholastic Book account as of December 31, 2020 was $7168.6.



Post Instructional Time Allotment


From December 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 the PTA has used 0 hours of post-instructional time.  To date, the PTA has used 0 hours of its allotted 0 hours of post-instructional usage of the PS 316 building, as regulated by Chancellor’s Regulation  A-660.