P.S. 316: The Elijah G. Stroud Elementary School

750 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238




 Meeting Minutes:

PTA January 2021 Zoom General Meeting Minutes



  • Meeting Agenda:

    Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 7pm


    • Call to Order - 7:07pm, Motion made by Susan Gabbay, seconded by Tracy Rojas-Wright.


    • Approval of Minutes - 5 min.
      • MOTION: Approve December general meeting minutes. Motion made by Diana Santiago, seconded by Susan Gabbay. Motion passed.


    • Treasurer’s Report, Susan Gabbay & Ania Kozlowska - 5 min.
      • MOTION: Approve December treasurer’s report. Motion made by Maura Lout, seconded by Diana Santiago. Motion passed.


    • Principal’s Report - 30 min.
      • Update and Q&A with Principal Maluf
        • Air filters and air conditioners are being installed in each classroom, the electrical wiring in the building has also been updated.
        • Testing is being done on a weekly basis and has been very successful.
        • Daily attendance is 153.
        • Getting ready to start clubs and after school support, to try to make sure there are not gaps in student achievement.
      • Questions submitted by parents
        • Will the G&T test still be given this year? Yes, the test will be given in April.
        • How will the DOE decision to end G&T affect the current G&T classes going forward? It will not affect current G&T classes next year.
        • Will G&T classes/classmates be broken up going forward? Classes will remain the same going forward.
        • Will the current G&T curriculum change? No, it won't change.
        • How much do teachers differentiate in their teaching, between G&T and other classes? G&T goes deeper in terms of content.
        • What are our school's challenges with funding G&T? The city never gave additional funds for G&T. They only gave student referrals.


    • President’s Report - Monique Nieves & Amber Parker - 10 min.
      • SLT Remote Learning Survey - Parents were reminded to fill out the survey.
      • Read-a-thon for February - proceeds for Spring virtual clubs.
      • Spring Virtual Clubs
      • Black History Month - The PTA would like to compile a list of black-owned businesses for the school community to support. Parents can email the PTA with info on businesses to include.


    • SLT Update - Monique Nieves & Amber Parker - 10 min.


    • PAC Update - Maura Lout - 5 min.
      • Surveyed the school community about workshops and received 35 responses. Front runner topics were ‘Preparedness for Middle School’,‘Support for Remote Learning, Computer Literacy’, and ‘General Health and Well-Being/Help Managing Screen Time’. PAC is currently working on a budget and a list of vendors for workshops.


    • Adjournment - 7:57pm, Motion made by Monique Nieves, seconded by Rhonda Boxill.



Treasurer’s Report for the Month of January 2021


PS 316 PTA Checking Account

The previous balance of the PTA checking account in TD Bank as of December 31, 2020 was $17,850.84


Activities to Report: 


January 16, 2021

Bank Deposit--Cash--Election Day


January 16, 2021

Bank Deposit--Check--Facebook Donation


January 16, 2021

2 Bank Deposit--Checks--Donations


January 16, 2021

Bank Deposit--Cash--Picture money 2019


January 16, 2021

Bank Deposit--Cash and Checks-Picture Money


January 16, 2021

Bank Deposit--Art bags


January 31 ,2021

Bank Maintenance Fee


January 31 ,2021

Paper Statement Fee                                    




The closing balance for the month of January 31, 2021 was  $21,489.84


PS 316 Scholastic Account

The current balance of the Scholastic Book account as of January 31, 2021 was $7168.60


Post Instructional Time Allotment

From December 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 the PTA has used 0 hours of post-instructional time.  To date, the PTA has used 0 hours of its allotted 0 hours of post-instructional usage of the PS 316 building, as regulated by Chancellor’s Regulation  A-660.