P.S. 316: The Elijah G. Stroud Elementary School

750 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

PTA October 2020 Zoom General Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes:

Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 7pm 


  • Call to Order - 7:10pm, 42 participants


  • 2020-2021 PTA Election - Kelly Titus, Nomination Committee Chair
    • Election results
      • Co-presidents - Monique Nieves, Amber Parker 
      • Co-vice presidents - Diana Santiago 
      • Co-secretaries - Jasmine Hagler, Sarah Seim
      • Co-treasurers - Ania Kozlowska, Susan Gabbay
      • SLT - Camille Hunt
  • Approval of Minutes - 5 min. 
    • MOTION: Approve September general meeting minutes. Motion made by Mary Piverger, seconded by Cynthia Rackin. Motion passes. 
  • Treasurer’s Report, Ania Kozlowska & Tijuana Shropshire - 5 min.
    • MOTION: Approve September treasurer’s report. Motion made by Diana Santiago, seconded by Jenn Bagnall. Motion passes.  
  • New Business - 30 min.
  • MOTION: Vote to pay permit fees for Picture Day. ($607.50) Motion made by Erin Krasniewicz, seconded by Ania Kozlowska. Motion passes. 
  • MOTION: Vote to spend up to $200 to purchase one teacher picture for any teachers who would like to take part in Picture Day. Motion made by Erin Krasniewicz, seconded by Cynthia Rackin. Motion passes.  
    • MOTION: Vote to hold Election Day fundraiser. Motion made by Mary Piverger, seconded by Erin Krasniewicz. Motion passes. 
    • MOTION: Vote to hold a Halloween Skate Party at Stroud Park. Motion made by Erin Krasniewicz, seconded by Diana Santiago. Motion passes. 
    • MOTION: Vote to spend up to $500 on candy, candy bags, DJ, and decor for Halloween Skate Party. Motion made by Erin Krasniewicz, seconded by Cynthia Rackin. Motion passes.
    • MOTION: Vote to renew the PTA website. Motion made by Amber Parker to renew through September, seconded by Diana Santiago. Motion passes.

    *To renew through June, the fee is $750. To renew through September, the fee is $1050.


  • Adjournment -  7:55pm. Motion made by Erin Krasniewicz, seconded by Amber Parker. Motion passes. Meeting adjourned for the election to begin.


  • Call to Order - 8:50pm. PTA meeting reopened after the election. 


  • Principal’s Report - 30 min. 
    • Update and Q&A with Principal Maluf 
      • Before the weather gets too cold, will classes be given the opportunity to play outside during their school day for physical activity? This is left up to the teachers and whether or not they would like to bring their class outside.

      • Is there a plan for staff increase, so the students who attend in person, but still sit in front of the computer to learn from the virtual teacher, will eventually have full in person instruction (so having both teachers IN the classroom). There isn’t a class who does not have a live teacher. The remote teacher may take the lead on some subjects, but a licensed teacher is always in the room. 

      • For remote learners, is there a way to opt out of virtual gym if we are able to provide a photograph of independent physical activity (i.e going on a walk or to the park to play outside)? Yes, we are still working on coming up with a good plan for gym.

      • Is November 13 the opt in date for remote students to join blended learning? No, October 26-30 is the opt-in window of time. November 16 will be the beginning of the new blended learning period.  

      • When will parents of students who are currently 100% remote be able to opt in to blended/in-person learning? October 26-30

      • Where/how do you opt into blended learning? There is a link that will be shared to everyone.  

      • What is the deadline to opt into blended learning? October 30

    • Other comments from Q&A
      • Only PTA permit hours that take place during school hours will be paid for by DOE. All other permit hours must be paid for by PTA. 

      • Music classes will hopefully start next week. 

  • President’s Report, Rima Douglas - 10 min.
    • Election Day Fundraiser - Call for food donations! 

    • Halloween Skate Party - Call for candy and candy bag donations!

Adjournment - 9:32pm. Motion made by Jennyfer Bagnall, seconded by Erin Krasniewicz. Motion passes.




Treasurer’s Report for the Month of October 2020


PS 316 PTA Checking Account

The previous balance of the PTA checking account in TD Bank as of September 30, 2020 was $18,728.55.


Activities to Report:

  • October 2, 2020 Check #415: basketball jerseys -240.00
  • October 15, 2020 Deposit: Paypal (PTA Dues + Donation) 271.28
  • October 30, 2020 Bank Maintenance Fee -10.00
  • October 30, 2020 Paper Statement Fee -3.00                            


The closing balance for the month of October 31, 2020 was  $18,746.83.


PS 316 Scholastic Account

The current balance of the Scholastic Book account as of October 31, 2020 was $2,388.37


Post Instructional Time Allotment

From October 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020 the PTA has used 0 hours of post-instructional time.  To date, the PTA has used 0 hours of its allotted 0 hours of post-instructional usage of the PS 316 building, as regulated by Chancellor’s Regulation  A-660.


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