Approved by the body at December 2018 meeting 




P.S. 316: The Elijah G. Stroud Elementary School

750 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

11/14/18 PTA General Meeting Minutes




Meeting Agenda:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, from 6-8 pm, in the school auditorium


Meeting called to order at 6:17 pm


Ms. Jenkins:

  • Thank you for Book Fair!
  • Updates:
    • 11/15 Open school conferences, school tour (held every other thursday, then 29th)
    • Friday, Breakfast with Principal Maluf
    • Saturday, Girl Scouts meeting
    • Girls on the run Monday, and Wednesday
    • Student of the month ceremony, November 20th
    • Thanksgiving NO SCHOOL
    • 28th Flu and germ prevention workshop, flyer to be given next week
    • 29th SLT meeting
    • Workshop, Saturday and Sunday, 9-2pm, ELA and resume writing, Interest form going out end of the week.
    • Women of purpose symposium at P.S. 138, Nov 17th, fliers are posted and will be sent home soon
      • Question: Is there organized play during recess? It is supervised, so it is organized to some extent.
      • When is the holiday show? Thanksgiving show, Wednesday, November 21st.There will be coffee hour prior to show. Show begins at 9:30 am
      • Transportation passes? When it is distributed? See if Ms. Garrett can  switch between yellow bus and metro card? Yes. Selection of either is not set in stone.
      • Cool culture cards? Ms. Hamlet is in charge of the the cool culture cards. It is done in two lots. **K5 did not receive applications**
    • Treasurer's report
      • Latasha: Amanda and Keisha approved minutes
        • PTA checking acct (get notes from Treasurers)
        • Scholastic balances
        • Participatory Budget: We have to submit a proposal by November 18th
          • We put in proposals for Electricity update and girls bathrooms. Children 11 yrs old and up can vote. We’re connected to the parks.
        • Questions:
          • When does voting open?
          • The proposal will cover rewiring
          • Amount of votes? You can vote on multiple projects online.
          • How can we spread the words to influence people to vote? Set out tables and tell people, create infomercials, get school to be a polling place, ask other District 17 schools to vote for us
          • Projects need to be 35k or more, capital based funds
          • Can we do lighting in the auditorium? Eric Adams will likely fund that type of project.
        • Presidents report
          • SLT update moved to next meeting
          • Katz, (date correction) Dec 13th 6pm in the library, topic stress, anxiety, depression during the holiday. Childcare in the an alternate room (middle school mixer 6-8 168)
          • Election day bake sale, huge success, made the news and viral on news (question, were donations pay as you wish or were there set prices? Both) Spookfest, was a success, biggest number to date, in the rain :-)
          • Friends of Stroud Park say possible January opening. Talks about December opening but there is a delay with plumbing in the bathroom? Report that it is done. Meeting tomorrow in regards to update on opening.
            • Will there be recess in the new park? Area for outdoor learning, permit needed, still awaiting completion. Question: During the week, during school hours, is the area closed off? Only a portion, the track is all public …. The school puts it in before hand for the school to utilize it. Are we in competition with the middle school for space utilization? It is still a shared space we have to continue to collaborate with MS 353
            • Dec 12th, music show for students in afterschool program
            • Dec 5th, PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND, email CEC 17 all questions to ask the chancellor, Town Hall mtg. Questions will NOT be taken from the floor, [Sign up for speaker, 3 minutes to ask questions, (equity and excellence, school co-locations, how do ICT classes work?, how can gentrification affect title 1 schools?--can the percentage be dropped?)
            • High School Fair for District 17, tonight 11/14/18
            • What date will the district Spelling Bee be?
            • 29th IEP workshop at district office, flier will be posted
            • 12/10, Pre-k parents came to fair to meet other parents, Volunteers needed, District 17 6-8pm email PTA
            • PTA will try to attend first Saturdays, churches, etc to inform parents about the school--market the school, keep the numbers up as we get better
            • Floater year for title 1: 58 more families need to sign up otherwise the school will not receive title 1 funds next year---incentive to give $10 scholastic voucher if families fill out the lunch form deadline: possibly the end of the month
            • Appeal: Donate to help the school--is it to the school? Large amounts can be done to PTA (no fee, no write off [they must use a DOE vendor]) or FUND to Public school via DOE you specify what school you want to give it to they take a 7% fee and then send it (ex. Reading program, music program, give to 316 directly? You do not get the tax write off
            • Dribble for success will start in Jan, first week in Dec, look for application, both genders, if not selected for round , there will be a 2nd round
          • Questions:
            • Lighting in front of the school needs updating. Why don't we have a light in the walkway by the gates? Electrical update needed. Police department? Power in voices--get committee working on this
            • What app is priority? I am overwhelmed with apps. --
            • Class has been a challenging task for class parents. Can we do a mix-n-mingle with teacher and class parents?
            • **No Kid Hungry monetary donations
          • SLT
          • PAC Jasmine will send survey, look out for it
          • Old Business
          • New Business


Adjourned * Diana, Amanda 7:21pm

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