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P.S. 316: The Elijah G. Stroud Elementary School

750 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

10/17/18 PTA & PAC General Meeting




Meeting Agenda:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018, from 6-8 pm, in the school auditorium


  • Call to Order Called to order 6:10 by Jenn
  • Attendance EXEC BOARD: Jennyfer Bagnall, Monique Nieves, Kyrstal Perez, Diana Santiago, Cyreeta Dobbs


  • Approval of Minutes
    • MOTION: approve September 2018 minutes (MOTION APPROVED)
  • Principal’s Report
  • Joann Mejias, originally assigned by Farina, 3 yrs ago, looking for community for Dual Language Programs. Asked bc Farina was familiar with her, and trusted her “lens” to seek out communities in need. D17 years ago, former AP, elementary and JHS experience, Principal, Superintendent, Retired….came back as a consultant when Farina asked. Passionate about immigrant issues
  • Karen, twins in 1st grade, Question: Issues with Dual Language (DL) program this year. Mr Colon left, left with 1 teacher, and she teachers kindergarten. Is there an actual program for 1st graders?
  • Clarification:: models replicated from D15, last year at launch it was self contained because there was only 1 class, so the 1 teacher could do AM and PM. As it grew they had to transition models--now there are 2 classes with 2 teachers. . Total immersion  Spanish program. It is choice. More details on the mtg taking place on Sat.
  • This year Ramos is doing the Spanish room. Ms. Mahow does the English instruction--literacy. Labeling, categorizing, by units of study aligned to IB. Ramos basic acquisition etc.
  • Can parents come and visit a classroom? An appointment is needed. No pop-ins. Min 2 days notice. Policy is in place for a reason--safety, expectancy (from students and staff)
  • Antavia (parent): This is the first i am hearing there is no music teacher. Communication is problem from the perspective of the parent. Are there ways we get more pertinent information directly and quickly? ANS: there may be ways to shorten the time between an incident occurring and parents knowing.
  • Diana S.: Is science back on the agenda? ANS: 3, 4,5 Ms. C. Jaffe is working with the lower grades. Weekes: Science is in effect. More information will be shared
  • Tracey: schedule change, 2nd gd child did not have spanish. In the event of changes being made, how often is it changing? ANS: the schedule has been fixed. Every child will be music and art. The school is growing and the school does its best to accommodate the growth--hiccups will occur along the way. We are in a co-located space. Library, Science is not mandatory. We need certified teachers it is a battle bc of STEM/STEAM/DL. Maluf has taken in a musician but a certified teacher has to be present. If you know of a certified MUSIC or Phys ED teacher refer them. Our presence at the CEC mtgs will get more attention, dates and location will be shared.
  • Bathroom policy: 1st grader having accidents bc of bathroom waits. Is there an alternative bathroom with no wait? Yes, there is an alternative bathroom--aides will be spoken to.


  • President’s Report, Monique Nieves and Rima Douglas
    • Ms. Kat’s monthly workshops:
      • monthly workshops independent children. Anxiety of the holidays. Emotional wellness. Parents will be asked what they will like to discuss. 2nd thursday of every month 6pm in auditorium.


  • Treasurer’s Report, Latash Nash and Krystal Perez
    • MOTION: Approve September 2018 Treasurer’s Reports [MOTION APPROVED]
    • Participatory Budget requests and application process


  • Guest Speaker
    • Gateway Sports and Pools
      • Danielle, non profit. Based in Queen branched out to Crown Heights (883 Classon on New International HS and another site in Bensonhurst. Swimming classes and other sports classes. Meet once per week for an hour. Low cost bc it is not for profit. No waitlists. Classes on Sat evening or Sunday Morning.  Program is separated by ability--New, Beginner, Advanced. Pool temperature (pools are rented) --pools are heated and pools are in doors. Price per class varies: about $30/class. Discounts for multiple students. Flexible. Sports $15-20 depending on the sport. Commitment: Session blocks. Trial classes available. 6 students per instructor. Sessions are 50 min. Sports classes are 55 minutes.


  • School Leadership Team Report (SLT) 
    • Update from Jamal Sullivan
      • First mtg: ratified bylaws. Advised what SLT will be. Set SLT date mtgs.
        • What might be addressed at SLT mtg? Questions/comments taken: What items are on the SLT agenda? Email with any questions/comments/concerns.
          • Curriculum of the school, new programs that may be established. Programs that will be est. Kawana: bathrooms, cleanliness of caf,, lighting of the area,.  Issue get on participatory budget and get the other bathrooms done. Flood lights proposal. Unsure about who cleans caf.
          • Update: The newest bathrooms are paper free--smell is noticeable better. Toilets are self flushing.
          • Emily:PBIS(positive behavior intervention supports --how do we shape behavior to be more positive--reinforcing pos behavior, teaching expectations, see it happen and name it...culture of celebration. Doesn’t remove consequences, there is still room to have a consequence reasonable for the behavior presented. HOw do we id a behavior and address it in a way that is beneficial to the child--instill an incentive system ) working to shape the culture of the school--gem system...working with staff to have children learn to be more responsible and respectful within a shared/community space
          • Lost clothing---large lawn bags of unclaimed clothing--LABEL CLOTHING so it can be returned.
        • Parent/caregiver concern: Common core: methods being used are not benefitting my grandchild. Jennyfer: there are resources and beneficial methods within the CCCuricculum. (PTA Website is up and running--we can go to the website and access links that are helpful in understand “what the program is trying to do” Recourse: reach out to the classroom teacher for more direct help, DIAL a TEACHER NYC public school teachers on a hotline, YOUTUBE tutorials….Include minutes on PTA site? Yes.)


  • Parent Advisory Council Report (PAC)-  Rima Douglas
    • MOTION:  Vote for new PAC chair [MOTION APPROVED: JASMINE HAGLER is the new PAC Chair]
      • Volunteer position. This person will aid in determining how we spend our 1% {$3,058} of Title 1 funds. Via surveying the public/parents of the student body. What do parents want (finance workshops, health) money to help parents help students learn more. Work on workshops (math, life skills, etc)
      • Runner:: Jasmine Hagler, 3rd grader, 1st year at 316. PAC chair bc “ I am really involved parent. I understand how teachers and parents think and what parents want. Ex, helping our children do math. I am trying to get my sister to help because she is a math teacher.”
      • Voted in unanimously by parents in attendance


  • Old Business
    • Update on class parents roll out
      • 5 classes without class parent. 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-2. Your voice matters.
    • Update on new PTA website
      • It is up and running. Register to receive updates, volunteer, and donate funds
      • General information and donations :: up to $675 in donations. Thank you.
    • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Process
        • Communication: do parents and students understand what IB is? Teachers will send out info based on projects being done in class. We are an IB candidate. We need parents and children to understand what IB is.
      • Overview of the benefits
      • Where we are in the process
      • IB class projects
    • Follow up on School Safety letter :: did you receive a letter? It should have been received. Supposed to go out the 1st month.
    • Follow up on Dual Language letter:: Meeting scheduled for Saturday
    • Follow up with Octavia Brown on request for a lawyer/accountant to help with the PTA 501c3 process: F/U remains necessary


  • New Business
    • MOTION:  To pay $2,500 for a Basketball Coach from Dribble for Success program [MOTION APPROVED]
      • MOTION for club outside of traditional club hours--
      • 3 different sessions, for boys and girls, Caudet needs help for team, 2.5k for 6 months, it will be outside of the after school hours, evening, 6pm, or saturdays, outside of traditional club hours
    • Bylaws & Committees: (call for volunteers) {Tabled}
    • Spookfest: Call for volunteers and Donations
    • Administration is looking for a drumming teacher
    • MOTION: $100 for IB  projects in each class--[MOTION APPROVED]
    • MOTION: To spend $300 on stanchions (two sets) --[MOTION APPROVED]
    • MOTION: To spend $700 scholastic dollars on multi-language book app--motion approved
      • Not cash but money to spend via scholastic
    • [MOTION APPROVED] MOTION: To purchase November Book Fair Backdrops--(no more than $100)--Motion: Hold Bookfair --motion approved


Minutes approved by Erin

Treasurer's report approved by Erin


  • Participatory rep : Latasha Nash
      • Submitted for funds towards: bathroom, lighting, electric for building, cafe, dance and yoga studio, gym/auditorium, floor
      • Oct 24th info session to narrow it down.

Monique: CEC updates

  • More parents are needed at CEC mtgs, and sign up, form a group/committee, be consistent--typically at Park Place 3rd tuesday of the month

Playground regulations:


Clubs: Amanda (parent): Is my child being penalized for being in afterschool?


Solution: Give  parents the option to help that benefits both parties. Re: after school students going to clubs.

  • Adjournment: 8:03 by Manuela and Antavia

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