Approved by the Parent Body 10/17/18


P.S. 316: The Elijah G. Stroud Elementary School

750 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

9/26/18 PTA & PAC General Meeting

Minutes- 9/26/18 PTA General Meeting



September 2018 Meeting Minutes:

Date, Time, and Location: Wednesday, September 26, 2018, at 6 pm in the school auditorium


  • Call to Order

    • Meeting called to order by Co-President Rima Douglas at 6:16 pm


  •    Attendance:

    • Officers: 4 present. Co-Presidents Monique Nieves and Rima Douglas, Co- Secretaries Cyreeta Dobbs and Amber Parker

    • General Members: 37 present. Teachers: 0

    • Administrators: Assistant Principal, Karen Weekes

    • Quorum was met.

    • Spanish translator Loarina Arias was present.

  • Approval of Minutes

    • MOTION ACCEPTED: Approval of June 2018 General Meeting Minutes


  • Guest Speakers

    • Craig Edwards

      • From the office of School Safety and Development. He explained and clarified the General Response Protocol: Shelter-in (danger outside the building), Lockdowns (hard: danger in the building, soft: ie, need to find a person missing), and Evacuations (eight drills a year). He explained that confusion & lack of communication during the 9/12 lockdown event was due to police telling the school to “lock down”, as opposed to “shelter in place”. The police and school safety do not use the same vocabulary to communicate what the school should do in an emergency situation. Mr. Edwards said he had reviewed the event with the school and the confused response “won’t happen again”.

      • He encouraged parents to register for Notify NYC, the city’s official emergency alert app. . Lessons for the kids about school safety in the classroom is mandated emergency readiness. Updated blue cards are of great importance to have accurate contact information in case of an emergency with your child. While school safety meetings happen once a month, he encouraged parents to attend the annual School Safety Town Hall meeting. BRT kits (school emergency “go-bags”) are filled but need to be replenished. Every parent should have been provided with a flyer that explains all of this. If you have not received one, please ask administration.


      • Cafeteria Manager, Ms. Shepard

Cafeteria is understaffed. There is only one server. This is why the salad bar is not always open. Children cannot technically have second servings, but there are other options if a child is really hungry ie: more fruit, unlimited salad bar, turkey and/or cheese sandwich. There are on-the-go breakfast options for late comers if they have missed breakfast. Her staff prepares food for two other schools and other Pre-K programs in the area. Though peanut butter and nuts are not served, they cannot claim they are peanut free, because they do not purchase from peanut free companies. She encouraged people to fill out the lunch forms. If we want to try to implement a new menu Ms. Shepard was willing to attend a PTA meeting at P.S. 353 to discuss it.  


  • Principal’s Report, Karen Weekes

    • Clubs begin October 10th for K-2 and October 12th for 3-5. Seven clubs in the 5-week first cycle. 6 clubs in the 8-week second cycle.

    • October 1st after school music programs begin. Ms. Wilson will be leading the after school music program. Parent volunteers are needed.

    • Girls on the Run begins Mondays and Wednesdays

    • October 3rd ELA Math begins from 2:30-4:30, on Mondays and Wednesdays

    • October 8th NO SCHOOL. Columbus Day

    • Attendance Celebration October 17th at 2pm

    • Annual Breast Cancer October 19th at 2pm

    • Breakfast with the Principal October 19th

    • Student of the month October 24th

    • United Nations Day Assembly. Celebrating countries, food, and cultural diversity October 24th

    • Saturday Academy begins November 3rd from 9am-12 noon

    • Dual language parent concerned about the classroom curriculum and teacher structure. Parents want more clarity as to what is going on in the dual language programs. There is concern because the kids currently get only one period of Spanish a day, and they should be receiving half the day in Spanish. Ms.Weekes said parents will be informed within one week as to how the teachers rotate and any other questions answered.

    • Gym is mandated class. The school is actively trying to recruit another certified gym instructor to work alongside Mr. Coddett.

    • Parking in the back of the school yard is of concern for parents. Ms. Weekes explained cars are parked in a semi circle to leave the center open for kids to play. Supervisors are always posted outside during recess.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

    • MOTION ACCEPTED: Approval of May 2018 Treasurer’s Report.

    • MOTION ACCEPTED: Approval of June, July and August 2018 Treasurer’s Report

    • MOTION ACCEPTED: Approval of 2017-2018 Year End Treasurer’s Report

  • President’s Report, Rima Douglas, Monique Nieves

    • District Chancellor, Clarence Ellis had a meeting on September 25th. He wants to engage in more training for the Parent Coordinator and Assistant Principals.

    • The district Spelling Bee will be held on November 16th

    • District wide Science Fair will be held in April

    • SLT meeting on September 27th. One parent seat is still open. Will be filling that chair with a vote tonight.

    • Friends of Stroud community meeting update. The playground is 79% completed and the bathroom house is 49% completed. The estimated overall completion is for December. Possible tree lighting event to happen.

    • Possibly ask for Park Place to be closed off by NYPD during recess hours for kids to play. This could be an alternative to the back school yard parking situation.

    • District should lead workshops to help parents with Science Fair projects.


  • Parent Advisory Council Report (PAC)

  • The PAC chair will be voted on in October’s General meeting. Jazmine Hagler is a self-nominated candidate.


  • Old Business- None.


  • New Business

      • MOTION ACCEPTED: Ms. Porto to spend $1000 scholastic dollars on books and IB unit themes

      • MOTION ACCEPTED: To give Mr. Coddett $250 for new gym supplies

      • MOTION ACCEPTED: To hold an Election Day bake sale

      • MOTION ACCEPTED: SLT parent representative was chosen. Jamal Sullivan.

      • MOTION ACCEPTED: To purchase Spookfest needs, (up to $2,500 for inflatables, $400 for face painting)


  • MOTION TABLED: To pay $2,500 for a basketball coach

    • MOTION ACCEPTED: To purchase a PTA-owned locking deep freezer


  • Meeting adjourned at 8 pm

  • Minutes compiled by Secretaries Amber Parker and Cyreeta Dobbs

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